Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Another Landing Update

After picking up my Parsons desk at Walmart I wasted no time setting that bad boy up and putting him in his rightful place on our Landing. A few accessories in place and I thought it was "good enough." But after living with the arrangement for a few days I decided to do a little more to the area. Here is how it looked before:

And here's how it looked before the before, before we got our new desk:

And here is how the Landing looks now:

I went shopping in my own house and popped in this picture that used to hang in our dining room (we replaced it's spot with the framed picture that used to be here)

I simply tilted the wire bin so I could add some height to my ceramic shell and thrift store mug. This is a temporary fix until I get my hands on some of these file boxes.

And here's the view when you come up into the apartment.

It's just a simple update to the space and I think the frame takes advantage of the height of the ceiling and kinda warms up the space. And since this is our mail-drop-zone now, the pens in the mug are perfect for writing out bills or highlighting due dates! So overall I'm happy with the space...for now...
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