Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Behind Closed Doors, Part III

My walk-in storage closet organization project (say that five times fast) is finally complete! I actually really enjoyed this project (Hi my name is Hilary and I love to clean) and the satisfaction it brings at a job well done. You can also go back and read about Part I and Part II if you missed out on the prequels. Well I've dragged this out long enough, so here are a few before and during shots, followed by the Afters:



aaaand After!

And here's a little breakdown of how I organized most of our stuff:

So there you have it! I didn't bother going as far as to paint the walls and all the shelves, although that would have made quite the impact. Since this isn't a permanent home for us, I am picky about what upgrades I feel like investing in. We already put a lot into this apartment after painting the landing and kitchen, ripping up carpeting, and laying tiles in the kitchen and bathroom- all of which you can check out in our house tour. So overall I am pleased with this storage closet organization project and so relieved that I finally went through every nook and cranny and threw out/donated tons of stuff. Anyone else do any organization lately? 
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