Friday, January 14, 2011

Behind Closed Doors

I've been hiding something from you all but it's about time I fess up to my dirty little secret. Here's a pic for reference:

See that door to the left, the one with all the Christmas cards on it? (Those are gone now by the way) That door leads to a storage/pantry room which has been my hiding spot for useless items since we moved in. Believe it or not I actually tackled this room a few months ago. But by the time Christmas rolled around this closet became a monster that I gladly shut the door on and forgot about. However with my efforts to do early spring cleaning in full force I rolled up my sleeves and tackled the beast once again- and hopefully once and for all! (Oh and this picture is slightly out-of-date since our Landing has been updated.)

But enough of that, let's jump right in to the madness:

Frightening, I know. I started out by removing almost all the items (so I could vacuum) and relocating them into the hallway and living room.

With the closet mostly empty I played around with possible storage arrangements and finally settled on one that worked the best for me. I'm still doing some final tweaks so stay tuned for before and afters coming very soon. Happy Friday everybody! Now go forth and conquer your own organizational beast.
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