Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fabric Warehouse

I suppose this post could double as a Store Review but I really just wanted to share about the Fabric Warehouse in Rahway that we went to over the weekend. It was incredible. My friend Liz tipped me off about the big sale they were having, 50% off of EVERYTHING, so I knew I couldn't waste the opportunity. My husband Dan actually agreed to go and was excited about it due to the fact that he was in need of thick upholstery fabric to cover the bench seat of his 50 Chevy Pickup. So we went, along with my sister Donna, her husband Max, and our brother Nathan. The boys were happy they actually had something specific to look for, since all men pretty much hate browsing. And we girls were happy to look through aisles and piles of discounted fabric! {Warning: These photos are from my phone}

Donna showing off a print she likes

If you can't read the sign, it says "Assorted Prints $2.00/yd"!

And here are a few shots of some prints I especially liked:

LOVED this pale green/gray quatrefoil.

Donna pointed out this navy and white beauty.

Someone must've been planning a baby girl's room since these two were found together.

Also loved the black and white stripe. Reminiscent of this photo I am more than slightly obsessed with:

Which ties in very nicely with what I actually did go home with:

Blue Ikat, 3 yards, Originally $7/yd-50% off= 3.50/yd= $10.50
Red Flowers and Bows, 3 yards, Orig $2/yd- 50% off=1/yd= $3.00
Black and White Houndstooth, 2 yards, Orig $2/yd-50% off=1/yd= $3.00
Grand Total= $16.50!

All of these will most likely wind up as pillows. But we shall see...

A close-up of the Ikat that had me at Hello. I actually found it and loved it but didn't pick it up and decided to walk around a bit more. But right before I went to check out I just had to go back and get that beautiful Ikat which is oh so similar to my inspiration room above, and here:

I can't wait to get started working with these fabrics. I actually am completely clueless when it comes to the sewing machine but I think I'm gonna give it shot, probably with the help of my mom and sister. If that doesn't work, I may resort to iron-on hem tape. I'll keep you posted!

And if I were to give this a Store Review rating, I would rate it a B+
{The sale prices were definitely an A, but the regular pricing earned it the B+}

P.S. Just in case anyone is wondering, here is the After of Dan's bench seat:

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