Thursday, January 27, 2011

It's Here

And by "It" I am of course referring to my Ikea Kajsa Blad duvet cover E-bay impulse purchase. Although it wasn't completely an impulse buy. I had been to Ikea earlier this month with the intention of purchasing this bedding set which was a total steal at $14.99 for a Queen duvet and two pillowcases. But alas, it was the only queen set out of stock of all the sets they had! Then came E-bay where I quickly found the set and payed the same amount in shipping which still added up to only 30 bucks and is a great deal when it comes to duvet sets.

Here are a few images that inspired my purchase:

You can read about the whole shopping and purchasing story here in this post. We've had it for a few days and are loving it! So without further adieu:

You only get a sneak peek for now because the whole bedroom is about to be revealed. Stay tuned!
{And yes I am aware that all my pillows are off-centerd. Will correct that for the final reveal.}

Happy snow day! Now go out and build a snowman, drink hot chocolate, or organize something.
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