Tuesday, January 25, 2011

More Thrifting Fun

On another trip to my favorite thrift store, Unique on 22 in Watchung, I found a few more treasures that I happily added to my cart. I mentioned before in this post how much I love thrift stores and how I rarely leave empty-handed. And this time was no exception:

Frosted glass goblet, which I may or may not paint (any thoughts?) $2

Little brass cup to hold my rings, $1

3 glass jars, $1-$2

Milk glass vase, $2.50

Milk glass cake stand (♥) $5

Another view...

Fun mug probably going to be used for bathroom storage, $2

Vintage task lamp (need to find the appropriate bulb) $3

Adorable juice pitcher, $3

So there they are, my most recent finds I rescued from a life of unwantedness. Anyone else score some sweet deals recently? Any thoughts on painting the frosted glass goblet? I was kinda imagining these (although I understand they are artichokes) due to the similar shapes:

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