Monday, January 10, 2011

Parson Brown

Well to be accurate, he's more black than brown, but you get the point. On Friday afternoon I got the exciting text from that the Parsons desk I ordered was ready for pick-up. See I used their Site-To-Store feature to order my Parsons desk online then have it shipped to my local store for FREE (man I just love that word). Our entryway Landing was in need of a little organization and I thought this Parsons desk would make the perfect mail-drop zone as well as storage for Dan's musical instruments. Also considering the fact that our microwave was our go-to mail drop-off, I believe it was time for an organizational solution.

Once I got home Friday night I got busy with Mr. Parson right there on the kitchen floor (get your minds out of the gutter).

Butterflied and ready for action

It was actually really easy to put together. There were 4 wooden pegs that needed to be glued into the tops of each leg then 2 screws to connect each leg to the base. A little alan-wrench-wielding and we were in business.


So down the stairs Mr. Parson went and settled in nice and snug on our Landing. On top I placed a wire bin (to hold Dan's pay-stubs, etc...), a jar of paperclips, a ceramic shell, and a long box to hold pens. I'd really like to get some of these soon for concealed storage:

Now Dan's djembe ('jem-bay') and cajon ('ka-hown') have somewhere to stay until he needs them again. {Dan plays for our church's praise team every week}

In the drawer is where I plan to stash our mail. Then when the drawer fills up or won't close anymore I know its time to sort.

View when you come up into the apartment.

And a little wide-shot action.

I was so happy when this order came in and I am even more ecstatic that it was so easy to put together and looks clean and polished. The price wasn't too shabby either considering similar desks sell for around $300 at other stores. And the fact that I now have a little mail-drop/instrument-storage zone makes me one happy camper. Our microwave can breathe a sigh of relief. Anyone else love the style of the Parsons desk? Anyone have any mail-zone areas in their home?
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