Friday, January 28, 2011

Ping Pong Pad

Okay I just saw this on Yahoo and thought you all might like to see just how creative some people are!

"Daniel Arsham’s apartment in Brooklyn is a mere 90 square feet. The apartment’s a loft attached to the offices of Snarkitecture, the cool-kid architecture firm where Arsham is a partner, and it’s basically just a room that serves two functions: sleeping and dressing. The walls look like great big, pixelated screens that fade from gray to white as you approach the ceiling. On closer inspection, the pixels are actually ping-pong balls -- a whopping 25,000 of ‘em. The rest of the place is a study in simplicity. Arsham’s got a bed with some built-in shelves and a dresser, where he keeps a few clothes. To enter the loft, he climbs a ladder through the office’s employee bathroom." source

Check out the apartment:

Talk about minimalistic living! Anyone into the whole "living in simplicity" thing? Obviously this apartment isn't suited to normal every day living, since there isn't even a kitchen or bathroom, but it's pretty darn creative!
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