Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Rest Easy, Part II

Change is good. At least in certain situations. And in this particular situation, change is very good and much anticipated.

Don't get me wrong- I do love our Pottery Barn Jordan duvet as much as the next gal. But with all the darker wood tones in our room it was feeling a little bit country. On my recent trip to Ikea I had a plan in mind to pick up the Kajsa Blad queen duvet set.

But alas it was unfortunately not my lucky day since THE only set that was sold out of queen size was the very same Kajsa Blad! Enter sad face. Stage left- Ebay. After all of 2 minutes I found a brand new unopened listing for a queen Kajsa Blad duvet set and my finger clicked that Buy It Now button so fast I didn't even have time to notice the shipping was the same price as the item itself! But since Ikea is a little far from me and I don't know when they will have it back in stock, I sucked it up (I had already committed so there was no turning back) and finished checking out. Our new duvet set should be arrving in 8-10 business days. Yay! Stay tuned for more details and photos.
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