Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Rest Easy

While we are on the topic of pillowcases, I wanted to throw out a little tip I learned. See Dan works with cars so keeping white things white is quite difficult. And what things are usually white? Pillows! So after he thoroughly dirtied (a word?) our original pillows, I decided to spring for new ones. To keep the new ones cleaner longer I went out and bought two pillow case protectors. They are basically a white pillowcase with a zipper that you put over the pillow and under your regular pillow case. But now if these covers get dirty I can throw them in with my white wash instead of throwing out our pillows.

I found mine at Christmas Tree Shoppes. I believe a pack of two was around $1.99. They are also sold at Target, Walmart, and other similar stores. Another bonus is that most of these pillow case protectors are good for people with allergies. Here's to a better (and cleaner!) night sleep.
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