Friday, February 18, 2011

Come To My Window

To continue on with the bathroom mini-makeover (you can catch up here and here) take a look at how I tackled the bathroom window. If you don't remember, the bathroom used to look like this:

And although the frame around the window was white, the window itself was the same blue as the walls. So it went white and I used a straight razor to clean up the old and new paint on the glass:

The next issue was what to do about privacy. We already had a simple roller blind on the window but I wanted something a little nicer. I looked around for wooden matchstick mini-blinds but found nothing that would fit this narrow window, at only about 17.5" across. So I had to work with what I already had, the roller blind. I purchased some nice fabric a few weeks ago and figured this was as good a time as any to put it to use. The blue Ikat's number was up.

I simply rolled the blind to as long as the window and then some, marked it, then laid it on an old sheet on the kitchen floor. Then I used some spray adhesive Dan had from his truck bench reupholstery (yeah, random) to adhere a slightly larger piece of my fabric to the blind with room to wrap it around. After a few minutes of dry-time we were ready to go. I hung the blind back in its old spot and stood back to admire. {Again, the lighting is not 100% accurate. The fabric is much more blue, shown above}

With the newly painted radiator

Staged with my thrift store jar and mug

And here's how things are looking in the daylight, much more true-to-life coloring

So not only was this project completely free (I already owned the shade, fabric, and adhesive), I didn't have to worry about removing the old blind's overly-painted hardware, tracking down mini-blinds, and installing new ones. Plus the fabric gives the room some much needed color.

And a little side by side action. So whaddaya think?
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