Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Cover Story

Things are moving along nicely in the bathroom update. Here is my To Do List for the bathroom, and the items that have been crossed off are already completed:

  • paint walls
  • prime and paint window
  • caulk sink
  • new light fixture with a bright white bulb
  • frame and hang photo
  • clean bathtub
  • new window treatments
  • paint radiator
  • organize above toilet
  • fix light switch
I tackled the third to last item last night. Our previous radiator cover was tan and dirty and covered in paint. {I apologize for the crappy photos- it's hard to get good lighting at night}

And for reference, this is how things were looking before:

So I knew the radiator had to get painted since I wasn't about to pay to replace it. I knew that there were high-heat spray paints out there so I went to Walmart hoping to pick some up. They only carried the high-heat stuff in black, but I did find this:

I read the directions on the back and it said not to use on any heated surface that will exceed 200°, and since I don't plan to turn my bathroom into a sauna, I figured I'd be safe. Plus this stuff is good for ovens so I think that would get slightly hotter than our little bathroom, no? Also, since the radiator is right next to the medicine cabinet/mirror I never turn the heat up very high because I don't like being hot when I'm getting ready. So all in all I decided it was worth a shot.

I used some cheap-o Ikea brown wrapping paper to frame out the area around the radiator, using painters tape to adhere it to the wall, and made a nice little protective barrier from that dreaded overspray. But you could really use any wrapping paper you have or even newspaper.

I didn't bother covering the baseboard since it's already white and any overspray that gets on it won't be noticeable. I did however throw down a drop cloth to protect the floors after I took this shot. I also realized I should probably tape up the temperature knob so I can actually read it after this is all done.

After a few even coats sprayed at about a foot's distance I was left with this


The only thing I have to say is to use this stuff in a well-ventilated area because it is pretty fumey! I opened the small window in the bathroom as well as the one right outside it to get some fresh air going. Also, I feel I should warn you it leaves a slightly sticky residue on your skin and any other close surface. But it seemed to clean up pretty easy. The only thing left to do is caulk the small area between the radiator and the wall for a flawless finish

as well as remove the tape around the temperature knob. Can't wait to finish the rest of my To Do List and wrap up this mini-makeover.
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