Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Easy Striped Rug

It has been exactly one month today since this blog started so I'm sending out a big virtual Thanks to those of you who have followed from the beginning. And if you have just started following, Welcome!

I have had the same simple black kitchen rug for over four and a half years. It was the one I registered for when getting married and was just something simple and cheap that I thought would go with anything.

And so far I feel it has. But it was a little "eh" so I thought it was time for a simple update. After seeing posts like this and this I decided to try painting it myself. I simply took out my painters tape, eye-balled a few evenly spaced lines of tape, then spray painted with the same paint I used on my wine bottles.

And although the paint looked very tan on the bottles and on the tape, it wound up looking very gray on my mat- which was a nice surprise! I did this project in about 5 minutes before we left the house for the night and when I came back I simply removed the tape to find this:

I was so happy with the results I want to go out and get another one and try a different pattern/color. But for now I will just enjoy it's presence every time I go in the kitchen since you have to walk through it to get to about every room. Anyone ever done something like this?

P.S. Please keep Dan's family in your thoughts and prayers as we left for Florida this morning to attend his Grandfather's funeral.
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