Thursday, February 24, 2011

Even More Thrift Store Goodness

I may or may not have a slight addiction to thrifting, but is that so wrong? On Monday we took a little family trip over to my favorite thrift store Unique on 22 in Watchung where I have already scored tons of goodies. And this trip was no exception. I also had quite a bit to donate which was previously cluttering up my newly organized pantry so that was an added bonus. After I dropped off my things in the donations section my sister came right up to me and said, "President's Day- 50% off!" Well that explained why the store was a madhouse an hour before they were closing. I quickly grabbed a hand cart and set off to find some gems. And lookee what I found:

Tray (which actually looks worse in person and will be getting painted)

Frames for my wall collage

Three pairs of capris from Gap and Banana Republic

J. Crew khakis (which I wore to work today)

I'm particularly excited about this little gem which will be making an appearance at next years 
Ugly Christmas Sweater party. (You may or may not know how hard it is to find one of these around Christmastime!)

But not nearly as excited as finding this:

An amazing price, made all the better by our honorable Presidents, bringing it down to 2 bucks!

Since I have been making an attempt to buy only things which I have a specific use for, I quickly placed my leggy friend in his new pre-determined home:

Meet my new printer table! 
Much better than this:

Due to its less than pristine condition (and the fact that I'm trying to NOT bring more wood tones into the dining room) I got right to work Tuesday night cleaning, sanding, and priming.

I used some gentle Mrs. Meyers all-purpose spray to remove any dust/dirt.
(you could always just use mild soap and water)

I then used some of my trusty Zinsser primer and gave it a quick coat 

You don't have to worry about streaks since it's gonna get painted again anyways.

I used a cheap-o foam brush to apply the primer because it's oil-based and a pain to clean out of a regular brush. 
This way I just tossed it when I was done.

Now if only I can find a reasonably priced wireless printer then we will be in tip top shape. We currently have to plug in our printer to the computer, leaving the wire exposed and strewn across the walkway to the linen closet. Fortunately we're not showering and printing at the same time very often but it has been known to happen... Anyone recommend a good-for-the-price wireless printer?
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