Thursday, February 3, 2011

For My Valentine

In the spirit of the upcoming Valentine's Day I thought I'd take some time to showcase a few sweet items I'd love to give or receive. I know a lot of people are kinda anti-Valentine's Day since it truly is a made-up day intended to squeeze more money out of our pockets but I still love it. (I guess I am partial since I got engaged on Valentine's Day, 2005) And in lieu of buying gifts for each other, we usually do the same thing every year: spend the night ordering in, watching The Notebook (yup every V-Day since 05! our 7th year and going strong) and just being together. This works out well since it's right smack in the middle of Christmas and my birthday, March 3rd. So for those of you who embrace the holiday with me, enjoy:

And maybe one year we'll be doing this

A girl can dream right?

So what's everyone else doing for Valentine's Day?
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