Monday, February 21, 2011

I ♥ HomeGoods

I know it's kinda obvious, but HomeGoods is awesome. There is a HomeGoods about 15-20 minutes away from me in Hillsborough but it is kinda out-of-the-way of my usual commute. So when I need a quick fix I head over to my local (5 min away) TJ Maxx/HomeGoods combo store. It's not as extensive, since half the store is clothes, but it usually gets the job done when I am looking for some new accessory or "tool". Since I was in need of a toilet paper dispenser and some new towels for the bathroom mini-makeover, I headed over to the combo store. I successfully scored all the items I needed (and then some) and was excited to find a lot of other awesome deals as well. Here's what I found but didn't buy:

Cool metal stools on Clearance, $29.99

The chair version, $99

Lovely blue striped chairs, $99

Aqua quatrefoil plate, $5

Awesome gray towels, $7.99 and $4.99
Almost bought these for the bathroom makeover, but decided they would clash with my Ikat window shade.
So nice though!

Beautiful lounge chair, (not sure how much)

Classic X-bench, $99

Beachy ottomans, (not sure how much)

Nailhead herringbone ottomans, $49.99

Matching bench, $149

Sweet linen basket, (not sure how much)

Side table, $69

LOVED these pink Ikat-esque bags, (not sure how much)

Although I didn't wind up buying any of these things (I was on a mission for bathroom decor) I love that I can always find such great pieces at affordable prices. Also, the cool thing about TJ Maxx and HomeGoods is that a lot of their stores carry the same items, even in different cities and states. Similar stores such as Marshalls can carry the same items too.

For example, I loved those towels after seeing them over at Chic Little House:

I asked Mrs. Chic where she bought them and she told me Marshalls- in California! So there I was at a TJ Maxx/HomeGoods in New Jersey and sure enough they carried the same towels. I'm almost tempted to get them anyways and store them away in case I swap out my window treatments. Almost. Anyone score a sweet deal at one of these stores recently?
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