Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Line Em Up

To continue on the topic of our new bedroom dressers, I wanted to show what I did to liven up the insides of my dresser drawers. I purchased vanilla scented drawer liner paper from TJ Maxx months ago, ya know when I started the refinishing process, and now I finally got to use it. As for the vanilla scent, it's pretty mild so I wasn't worried about my clothes coming out too perfume-y. I have actually seen the same paper in different patterns at TJ and Marshalls after I bought mine so if you're interested you should head on over and see for yourself. It was usually near the checkout counters.

Anyways, the paper was precut to a certain size (I didn't measure) and I needed two sheets per drawer to completely cover the surface. They were slightly too short so the very back of the drawers isn't lined, but I never pull the drawer out completely so I'll never see the unlined backs. I used an entire box on just my three-drawer dresser so I wouldn't have had enough for Dan's five-drawer tall dresser so he didn't get lined (sorry babe, not that you even noticed mine were lined). I love how it turned out:

Anyone have their drawers lined? My sister Donna and my friend Julie have the same Hemnes bedroom furniture from Ikea and their dressers came lined- lucky. For more inspiration you could check out these other drawer-lined beauties:

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