Monday, February 7, 2011

Nyrie's Mood Board

Our good friends from high school, Nyrie and her husband John, have just recently bought their first house (yay!) and have asked for a little design guidance. Nyrie bought a couple of gorgeous plum/eggplant pillows and wants to incorporate them into her new living room. They currently own a tan sofa set and black accent tables so I wanted to give them a little inspiration on how to put it all together. Here's a little eye candy to get you in the "mood":

I suggested she go for a gray wall color to highlight the purple accents and she loved the idea of a dark wall which would cozy up the nice large living room. This last photo is a great example of pulling in one other accent color, that gorgeous chartreuse, to give the room a little dimension and a pop of color. So here's a little Mood Board I whipped up for the lovely couple:

1. Incorporate her lovely pillows, similar to the one's here.
2. Throw down a softer gray rug with a subtle pattern to anchor the room.
3. Take advantage of their current black accent tables to give depth.
4. Their nice neutral sofa will allow everything else to take center stage.
5. Paint the walls a nice deep gray, steering away from the blue grays, but rather go for the brown-grays or even a beautiful purple-gray.
6. Incorporate purple accessories, possibly through side lamps. A purple shade would also work with a previously owned lamp base.
7. Use chartreuse as a pop of color.
8. Hang up some lovely personalized art, maybe even with more of the chartreuse accent color in a black or gold frame, seen here from Etsy.

So we're going to continue to pray that everything finalizes with Nyrie and John's first home purchase so she (and I) can get started on making their first place truly their own.
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