Tuesday, February 22, 2011

One Man's Trash

On Saturday of this past weekend we took a trip out to Levittown, PA to check out a couple of thrift/vintage/antique stores my sister Donna had been to before (her friend Marcella from J&M Photography lives out there). We weren't really searching for anything in particular but since we have been to our local thrifting spots so much, we decided to expand our horizons and enjoy the nice weather we've been having. Friday was gorgeous with temps in the 70's and an amazing spring-time breeze. Saturday? Freezing! And windy! Not exactly ideal for walking around outside but we were determined to hit up these shops.

 Our first stop of the day was Vintage Funk in Hulmeville, PA

Would be just beautiful after a coat of white paint

Love the shape of these brass lamps. Sadly there was only one.

Right across the street was a huge two-story thrift store-- or more accurately "junk" store:

It was pretty chaotic and unorganized but I did see some cool stuff:

Great lamp, but the shade was in pretty rough shape

My sister Donna took this capiz tray home, despite the small crack on the right side

My sister Marisa found this really cool First Aid Kit

Brass book ends

Kinda creepy, if you don't like clowns, but I found them endearing

And the last stop of the day was The Brownsville Antique Center in Trevose. I didn't snap too many photos of this place but it was your typical antique store, divided into rooms by seller. Out of all three stores, here's what went home with me:

1. A small orange lotus bowl which made its way into our soon-to-be-revealed bathroom.
2. A vintage nautical Pyrex butter dish which I was in need of. Its generous size means it could even hold a stick of cream cheese- double score.
3. A framed silhouette photo which will be used for my photo gallery above our computer (Yes, I decided on option number two). 
4. My favorite find of the day- a vintage lipstick holder. I probably wouldn't have even known what the thing was were it not for this lovely inspiration photo from Just Bella:

I cleaned her up with a little brass polish and here she is sitting pretty on my dresser:

Now I must confess, I don't even wear lipstick, but I could always store Chapstick right? Or maybe I will be inspired to start wearing it after taking this beauty home. So if anyone from the Jersey (or Pennsylvania!) area is looking for a fun Saturday afternoon outing, take a trip over to Levittown, PA and check out these fun stores. Anyone know of some other great thrift stores? I'm always open to a little thrifting.

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