Thursday, March 24, 2011

It's The Small Things

Sometimes it truly is the small things in life that are so very special. Like a warm sunny Spring day after a freak hail/snow storm in late March (like we experienced earlier this week). Or a smile from a baby when you walk in the room. Or a little retail therapy. Here are my most recently acquired small things, care of my birthday gift card:

A small piece of coral to Summer-ize my Landing 

And two new small food bowls for Penny and Cash:

I decided to turn my other thrift store tray into a new food station for the kitties. If you don't remember it looked like this:

So I removed the "decorative" wrapping from the handles:

After giving it a coat of white spray paint, I Mod-Podged a $1 outdoor placemat onto it that I bought months ago. Tada:

They seem to like it. 
(I made sure to let it all air out for a while before putting the food on)

And in non-birthday-related purchases, I just couldn't resist these small guys either:

The new 7.5 oz cans really are the perfect amount and seriously they are so darn cute. Why are girls just drawn to small cute things? Pretty much anything miniature is adorable. Like Marcel. Enjoy:

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