Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Less Than 10 Minute Spring Cleaning

I opened my kitchen cabinets last night to start making dinner and I saw the same sight I'd been seeing for a while: unorganized, messy shelves, with tupperware lids all over the place. And with Spring right around the corner, it was time to do something about it. Sometimes messy cabinets seem daunting, which is why we put off cleaning them for so long, but once you get into it, things usually get back into shape pretty quickly.


Oh and for reference, this is said cabinet:

I emptied everything out so I could wipe down the 70's wallpapered shelves we inherited with the place (ya know, along with our sweet green shag carpeting and the pink toilet).

{Didn't even notice Penny creep into the photo until after I had them on the computer. See her?}

And in less than 10 minutes, the well-organized After:

All the tupperware lids got grouped together, as did the bowls. I used to use my tupperware more often but since I work so close I usually come home for lunch. We pretty much only use them for leftovers (when there is any). Items that we don't use that often (immersion blender, spice grinder, heart-shaped pancake mold) got relocated to the cabinet above the ovens.

It feels good to have that cabinet we access so often cleaned out and organized. There are still quite a few nooks and crannies in our home that could use the Spring-treatment, and I'll let ya know if/when I get to them. Anyone else doing some Spring cleaning?

P.S. To see a full Tour of our casa, click here
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