Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Our living room isn't lacking in the seating department. We have a couch, two wingback chairs, a little lounge chair I picked up during our NYC-living days, and even two storage ottomans for extra seating in a pinch:

I had always had other plans for the wingback chairs, plans which may come to fruition in the not so distant future. And the lounge chair was a cheap-o Craigslist find that was always more suited to a den or game room than our actual living room. So of course my mind would wander as I viewed other beautiful homes and always was drawn to one chair specifically- the Dolce lounge chair from Target. I would see it pop up all over the place:

And then just this past weekend it popped up again:

Yup, Will's sitting on the very same Target Dolce lounge chair. Of course he's adorable, but I was more interested in being able to see all the wonderful detailing in the chair's fabric. It's almost like a herringbone pattern- sweet.

I even mentioned the chair here as a more affordable version of this $399 Company Store slipper chair:

I read the reviews (both positive and negative) on the Target website and even went as far as to contact some of my fellow bloggers to hear what they had to say about their Dolce slipper chairs. And the results were nothing short of fabulous. So when I meandered over to Target's website the other day and saw they were on sale with free shipping I figured this was my chance.

The original list price per chair is $159.99 and they were on sale for $111.99. After their free shipping promotion and a $5 off code I got after a little Googling (hey, every penny counts!) I saved a total of $152.98. That comes out to about $117 each, a steal for such a timeless and chic piece. I had been wanting these chairs for a while so it was by no means an impulse buy and I couldn't be more happy to score them at such a discounted price- my patience paid off big time.
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