Monday, April 11, 2011

Clutter Corner: After

Happy Monday everyone! Yeah, I know I talked about my "clutter corner" over a week ago and obviously didn't finish tackling it last weekend, since my sister had her baby and all. But this weekend I finally finished it off and now I have a much better view from my office area. To refresh your memory, here's how things were looking before:

Photo sitting on top of the thermostat. Headboard. Other junk.

And my former office view:

Sometimes you just need to go ahead and KISS: Keep It Simple Stupid. None of those things were needed in our dining space so they did not need to be there at all. Before getting our desktop computer, I used to do my school work at the dining room table, thus needing that little table to hold our printer and other school necessities. On top of the little table next to that is a box that holds tons of paint chips, but again, not needed in our dining room. And the headboard? Yeah, I have no excuse for that one. 

The lamp was really the only thing needed in the space because we have no overhead light. But as I was cleaning it felt unnecessary to have a table lamp there because then I would need to give it a table to stand on. And my goal was to clear out the space, leaving only the bare necessities behind. I tried to switch it out for our living room floor lamp, but again it made the space feel too tight. So I decided that the two table lamps on the far wall will suffice for the room. Also, now that there is a clear path to the far wall, it won't be a paint to venture over there and turn them on (and yes, I'm exaggerating). 

And here's the "clutter corner" After:

I also took the 2 seconds needed to rehang our frame 
so it is no longer encroaching on our thermostat.

And the new view from my desk. Ahhhh

You may be thinking, "All she did was take everything out. Big woop." And you'd be right. But sometimes removing things from a room is really all that's needed to give the room a little breathing space and allow the rest of your pieces to truly shine. And if you're being extra observant, you'll notice a few other changes to the room. More on that tomorrow. But I really am loving this new bare wall. It makes it much easier to maneuver around the dining table for us and our guests and it's just another one of those Why-didn't-I-do-this-sooner? situations. Have any of you tackled a clutter corner of your own recently? Any tips on keep it clutter-free? I leave you now with a little side-by-side action, cuz everyone loves a good before and after:

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