Friday, April 1, 2011

Clutter Corner: Before

There's a spot in our apartment that always seems to collect clutter and no matter how I try to organize it, the space doesn't get better. Anyone else have that problem? Here's mine:

It's in our dining room, against a wall that doesn't get seen too often.

This table used to serve a purpose when we had a laptop and I did my schoolwork on the dining room table. So this table sufficed as our printer stand/storage facility for our stapler, hole puncher, and extra pens and paper. But now that we have a new office area, complete with printer table, this table is no longer needed here. The only purpose it serves is to hold our lamp, which is necessary because this room has no overhead lighting, and to collect clutter.

And yes, there is a headboard in our dining room. It was a $20 Craigslist find I couldn't pass up but since we don't exactly need it right now, it needs to be stored elsewhere.

Another angle to get an understanding of this room. The framed piece I don't really care for but Dan loves it so when we moved it from the Landing, we compromised and hung it here. Problem is we just hung it on an existing nail that was already in the wall so it is much too close to our thermostat.

So that's my project this weekend- clean up and make sense of this corner of our apartment. Anyone have weekend organizing projects of their own?

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