Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hilary+Candice =BFF

That's right, me and Candice Olson are tight, like we almost share the same brain sometimes. Take for instance this most recent living/dining room makeover she designed on her new show Candice Tells All, in an episode titled "The Secrets of Indestructible Design":

Notice anything familiar? How about in the dining room, let's take a closer look:

Do you see that Ikat fabric?? Pretty much identical to the very same fabric I bought at the Fabric Warehouse and used on my bathroom shade and to line my printer table drawer.

And the inspiration photo that prompted me to fall in love with this very same aqua, cream, and green print--the pillows in this Domino guest bedroom:

I couldn't believe Candice was using that same fabric and from the moment she whipped it out at the beginning of the episode I couldn't wait to see what she turned it into. Sure enough she framed those lovely rooms with the same beautiful Ikat that drew me in that fateful day at the Fabric Warehouse. Although she pronounced it "Ee-kat" while I always said "Eye-kat." Hmm I wonder which way is correct. Anyone ever seen something they own wind up on TV or in a magazine? It was pretty exciting.
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