Monday, April 25, 2011

It's Lovely! I'll Take It!

This site kept me laughing page after page and is just filled with ridiculous MLS real estate list photos. If you've never heard of the site, check it out at and get ready to smack your forehead and wonder, "What were they thinking?!" The best part is that these are real list photos, and are not doctored in any way, aside from the snarky titles and commentaries. Here's a taste of what literally made me LOL and wonder why, people, why?

"No, I don't know why I have insomnia. I just sometimes get this feeling like someone's... watching me."

"Make s'mores in bed!"
"Have heart-to-heart discussions in the intimate conversation nook!"

"This Charming Chelsea Apartment Includes:
A windowed kitchen and modern appliances.
A full bathroom."

"Somehow they forget to mention that the windowed kitchen and the full bathroom are occupying the same spot."

So if you've never had the chance to check out this site, head on over and get ready to laugh.
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