Friday, April 22, 2011

Store Review

So I'm probably one of the last people on earth to make it over to a West Elm store, but in my defense there were none around where I lived. However, my sister in law lives in Princeton and during one of our trips over to see her and the kiddos I noticed in the shopping plaza across from them a West Elm! I guess I could've solved that little mystery by looking up the store locations online, but finding it by mistake was much more exciting. So this Sunday afternoon, en route to her house, we made a much anticipated pit stop at West Elm. And it surely didn't dissapoint. Better yet Dan even found a few things he liked and wasn't doomed to sit on a chair by the door holding my purse begging to leave. It was a win-win. Here's what caught my eye:

Loved this shower curtain. A simple DIY if you wanted.

These tea towels had such cute prints they could even be sewn together to make a pillow

Dan loved this industrial cabinet

These murcury glass mushrooms are adorable!

I wouldn't even mind putting this regular pillow cover on a pillow
for our sofa and playing it off like a throw pillow.

Adorable bathroom trays to corrall random items.

Love love these Ikat pannels, although they were a little steep for my wallet.

Although I didn't wind up purchasing anything, I was definitely excited to be able to see all those beautiful items in person and get a better understanding of their quality since I could touch the fabrics and shake the furniture. I don't know if I could bring myself to pay full price for any of it, but if a sale comes up in the future I may be due for another trip down to Princeton. Anyone have a West Elm near them or buy anything from the store recently? Anyone else like me and never been to (or possibly even heard of!) a West Elm store before?

Overall I'd rate this store a B+

Have a great weekend everybody!
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