Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sweet and Sour

That's how I'd describe the Dolce lounge chair I bought from Target a few weeks ago. If you watched the video home tour you saw that we indeed assembled one of the chairs and it is living it up in our living room.

But let's rewind for a second. Or rather a couple of seconds. There's a little background to these chairs that kinda needs mentioning. Do you recall last month that we had an appointment with our realtor to see a vintage Tudor-style house? Well, we actually fell in love with it after being inside for oh, five minutes, and put in an offer the next day. The house was a foreclosure and I got ahead of myself and thought for sure that we were going to get it since there didn't seem to be any other offers. I was wrong. About two weeks later after a little price negotiating we eventually got outbid and lost the house. Womp womp. Now in that time of a house-buying-high I placed the order for the Dolce chairs because they would have been perfect for the living room. Insert sad face the day the Dolce arrived on our doorstep like a little homeless child. So since I was still in a slump and recovering from the house loss I hesitated putting the chair together since we didn't exactly have a spot for it. But after I snapped back and realized there were more fish in the sea houses in New Jersey, I decided to swap out one of our living room chairs for the Dolce and tackle putting that chair together.

Here's what she looked like before:

The instructions were straightforward and it seemed easy enough so I tried to put the chair together by myself while watching a little HGTV. But I was having trouble holding the two pieces by myself while screwing them together so I decided it was best to just wait for Dan to help me. So a couple days later Dan and I tried to assemble it again. Here comes the sour part. Apparently it wasn't just me that was having trouble putting the thing together-- the holes for the screws to go into were not lined up, making it extremely difficult to put the screw through one side and make it go into another. Plus there was a little wooden dowel at the center that was much too short to hold the two pieces together while you attached the larger screws.

Long story short, I was of no use anymore and Dan was getting super frustrated, questioning why I bought them and telling me how much I wasted our money while still attempting to screw into the uneven holes. I believe his exact words were, "Could you please wrap me up in the box and then return it so that when it gets back to wherever it came from I can jump out and punch whoever sold you this piece of crap." Yeah, that's about right.

But after about fifteen more minutes of ratcheting and sweating and mumbling, Dan the Man finally got all the pieces in place, legs attached, and wouldn't you know it was a sturdy and chic little chair in the end.

So more sweet than sour, but be forewarned if you decide to purchase these chairs for yourself. I read the reviews on the Target website before I ordered them and I had heard mixed feelings, both that they were a breeze to assemble and that there had been some resistance, so I just chose to go with the positive reviews and ignore the negative. I learned my lesson. But all-in-all, we got one down, I love it, and Dan's slowly building up the patience to assemble the second.

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