Friday, June 10, 2011

The Fridge Cleanout: How'd We Do?

Well friends we're back with the results of our fridge cleanout. It turns out that the kitchen won't be removed this Saturday as we had expected, but will be removed some time next week or maybe next weekend. Also, I was informed that we may not need to remove the fridge at all since it's simply plugged in (the other items like the sink, cooktop, and ovens must go) so we may have a few more weeks worth of chilled food storage- woot. So basically cleaning out the fridge wasn't a necessity after all. However, it was nice to be able to live off of what we already owned for the past week and not have to make a trip to the grocery store. Plus I got the chance to really wipe it down both inside and out since we do plan to list it on Craigslist when we do eventually move.

In conclusion, here's how our fridge looks as of last night:

Milk's almost empty, a couple bottles of water, a bag of salad that probably deserves to be trashed anyways, some Luna bars I eat for breakfast every day, a Tupperware of leftovers and some random jars.

I tossed all the old condiments we haven't used in months and kept the basics- ketchup, mayo, bbq sauce, jelly. A few of the others can probably be tossed if they're not used up in time.

The turkey is obviously still there and will probably be donated to my sister or parents (any takers?) along with the full bag of english muffins. The waffles will be consumed shortly and hopefully we can finish off those veggies in time.

So all in all we kinda jumped the gun since we will be able to keep our fridge for a little longer but soon enough we will bid adieu to it and the apartment when we make the final move out and into our new home. Being able to clean it out really well was also an added bonus. 

Have a great weekend everybody! We're off to buy groceries...
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