Friday, July 29, 2011

Bathroom Refreshments

Here's what we were working with:

The bathroom on the main level wasn't in bad shape and it was actually very clean but it just needed a little freshening up. My original thought for the room was inspired by this photo- I'm not sure exactly how I came across it (Googling navy blue bathroom/blue bathroom/navy bathroom or something like that) so I don't have a link as to where I found it but the mix of the navy paint and the masculine/equestrian feel had me at hello.

So naturally I went to HD and pulled a bunch of color chips to try them out. However the lighting was just too bright for the small room and since the mirror is directly under the light fixture it was too harsh for general viewing pleasure. So I swapped out the three bulbs for something a little softer and instantly it changed the look of the room. Yeah the color is not exactly navy but with the warmer light the color darkened just a tad and it seemed unnecessary to paint over it just a couple shades darker. Plus the previous owners left behind almost an entire gallon of the paint for touch ups. So like Dan says: "If it's free, it's for me." 

With my new old paint in hand I immediately got to work touching up the walls and tackling the cracked caulk situation above the vanity.

I started by removing the two long screws holding the vanity in place so I could pull it away from the wall just a bit:

Then I used a straight razor to remove all the old caulk from the vanity edge:

Next came my trusty waterproof/paintable white caulk to the rescue:

I taped off the section I was caulking:

Then removed the tape, touched up the paint, and voila:

Then after seeing the immediate success at the sink I turned to my right and removed the over-the-toilet spacesaver that was not only too "apartment-y" feeling but had it's own fair share of imperfections- ie: peeling laminate and dirty stains.

Right away it made the bathroom seem sooo much bigger:

They must have had that spacesaver there while they painted because there was no paint around the base of the toilet or along the edge of the vanity so I simply touched up those parts and the few marks on the walls. I also bought a new toilet seat and threw out the old one so now we have a fully refreshed bathroom that makes me very happy (since it's the only sane room in the house). 



Now I wouldn't say this room is "done" but I'm very happy with the easy changes that quickly updated the bathroom. Now all I need to do is add a little wall decor (perhaps a framed horse and a few masculine touches?) and then happily move onto the next project feeling satisfied I did all I could to the room. Oh and all of the items we were storing in that spacesaver easily fit under the vanity except for my hairdryer (which easily slips into the area between the vanity and the toilet) and my mini flat iron (which just hangs out on the toilet tank). When I get my upstairs dressing room into shape I will do my hair up there so I don't need to figure out a more permanent solution for them in this bathroom right now. 

And just in case you're wondering the wall color is Sensual Silver and it's from Walmart. I'm not sure if Walmart still even makes their own paint (it seems like they've "outsourced" to Martha Stewart and Dutch Boy) but you could probably ask them to look it up if it tickles your fancy.

Now in the long run I would love to completely overhaul this bathroom and add new white tiles to the shower surround, redo the floor tiles, swap out the vanity for a pedestal sink, and paint it out in that gorgeous navy. In the mean time however we have a lot more projects on our plate so now I'm off to tackle another room. 

Have a great weekend everybody! Can you even believe Monday is August 1st? Craziness...
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