Thursday, July 28, 2011

Moving Day and Those That Followed

Hey guys! Sorry about the delay but we just got our cable and internet set up last night and since we are a desktop household I couldn't do any mobile blogging for ya. There's a lot to catch you up on so here's a little run-down of the past couple days:

Friday- 2 Days After Closing

Since we had been going to the house after work since Wednesday (when we closed) we realized that our porch lighting just wasn't cutting it in the style department and I was eager to dive right into the homeownership DIY pool. So we replaced our porch light with this simple and affordable Home Depot fixture:



 Ahh much better. Then what do you do when your in-laws come to see your new house for the first time? Put them to work of course!

We painted the living room and dining room Wheat Bread by Behr (you can read about my previously planned-out paint choices here) and I am in love with it. Unfortunately I only bought one gallon and it was definitely not enough to cover up the blue walls on the far end of each room. I planned on finishing it up before moving day but I had to finish packing still and there just wasn't enough time. So here's how it looked by the end of Friday night:


Please excuse the crappy phone pic- there are better ones to come. I didn't have my camera on me and then we moved in and I no longer had an empty room to photograph. Aaand it's midnight and I'm tired.

Sunday- Moving Day!

All Saturday night was spend trying to pack up the last of our belongings to make the big move into the new house. Sunday after church I hurried home to try to finish packing before the moving crew came (aka family and friends). Here's a few tips I employed to make the move just a little easier:

1. Pack everything clean. I can't stress this one enough since there's nothing better than being able to simply unpack your belongings and put them in their place all fresh and clean and ready to go. For example I cleaned our toaster- for the first time ever in 5 years I actually opened up that little crumb-catcher on the bottom, emptied it out, and wiped everything down. Now when we finally get around to re-doing the kitchen (high priority-coming soon!) I can simply unpack that bad boy and proudly display him for all to bask in his gleaming white glory. But you catch my drift- a little extra work during packing time equals a great deal of relief during unpacking.

2. Use saran wrap to secure drawers. This is a great tip I learned from my friend Julie (thanks again!) and makes moving desks and nightstands a breeze. This tip doesn't really work for larger pieces like dressers (it'd be too heavy) but is perfect for smaller pieces that usually contain lots of even smaller items like pens and books and batteries that would easily get lost during moving day. It also worked well for our trash can (that I first cleaned) and then filled with the last of our pantry goods that we couldn't finish eating in time.

3. Use household items to pack other items. This might sound confusing but it's actually a great tip: Use things you're already packing to pack other items, such as t-shirts wrapped around fragile plates and/or jars and duffle bags packed with shoes. This way you're not moving unnecessary packing materials like bubble wrap and newspaper into your new place only to cause more clutter and more work to throw it all away.

 4. Employ lots of help. Seriously- we had so many helpers (and vehicles) it made the job that much easier. Tons of friends and family pulled through and lent their helping hands to make our moving day so smooth, despite the heat advisory (thanks again guys- you're the best!).

Oh, and it's also helpful to have some other cute little helpers to keep your stress level at bay.

And of course I must include the classic "first night at the new house" pic. Actually quite cozy if I do say so myself.

Although it was a little bit of a struggle to get it up the 80's-tastic staircase:

Monday- First Day After Moving In

Let's be honest- having this in the middle of your living room is quite daunting:

But Monday after work I did my best to put some things in their place (and most things in the basement) so I could accomplish my first task: taking up the carpet in the living room and determining if the wood floors were worth refinishing since we knew there was a wall taken down.

Ya see those? The large patches in the wood? Yeah, not what I was hoping for but unfortunately what I expected. The conclusion: we will be laying new flooring throughout the whole first floor (minus the bathroom). Coming soon...

The other task: taking up the tile from the front entryway:

Tuesday- The House Is Starting To Resemble A Home

The furniture is currently somewhat in it's place- yaaay. Those boxes by the couch contain carpet tacks and subflooring so it all needs to go to the dump. Along with that smaller tall box- full of tile scraps. 

It has to get worse before it can get better right? Well we're off to a meager start and there's so much more to come and I need to go to bed so I hope you'll all stick around and enjoy the ride with us.
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