Friday, August 19, 2011

Bedroom Retreat: Part 3

It all started yesterday after work when I decided to stop by Target to pick up a couple frames. But who ever goes to Target and leaves only with the thing they went there for? I certainly don't and yesterday was no exception. Not only did I not buy frames (they didn't have what I was looking for) I wound up picking up a few things to cozy up our bedroom retreat. If you missed out, Part 1 of the makeover was painting, Part 2 was adding a few more staple pieces, and now Part 3 is the most fun: accessorizing!

Actually the prequel to Part 3 is very exciting: I steam cleaned the carpet! Friends of ours let me borrow their steam cleaner and I love how fresh the room feels now. It's a good feeling knowing that the dirt that will now get on the carpet will be from us only. Weird but true. Anyways back to Target-- my first pick of the evening was this sweet oversized basket that I'd been eyeing for a while but just didn't have anywhere in mind to use it, until now. This is how Dan's side of the bed usually looks:

Levis and a shotgun. Sounds like a country song.

Storing the gun under the bed was an easy solution and the Target basket was perfect for Dan's very own laundry basket. Since we now have a bedroom upstairs (we've never not had a single story apartment so this is new to us) I don't like to keep our dirty clothes in our room so we just bring them downstairs every day. Easy peasy. The only thing is we don't really wash our jeans ever very often so most of the time Dan's wind up on the floor. Enter said Target basket and viola:

The basket placement was also a little bonus because it now semi-hides our beautiful urchin lamp's not so beautiful cord and the exposed cable wire. We are a TV-free Bedroom household ourselves but we didn't want to remove it completely for resale purposes. The basket worked like a charm.

And, well, I just love it so it's a win-win all around. 

On Dan's dresser is an eye chart I made in Word (It says All you need is love. Love never fails) and our bedskirt which I have yet to put on the bed. See we got our bed frame but we still need to get a box spring so I can actually attach the headboard to the frame. I just haven't gotten around to it yet.

The next stop after Target was a quick run to Kohls, ya know since I was looking for frames. But did I find any there? Of course not. What I did find were these two heavy-duty metal monograms that were on sale for $3.99 and look great on our nightstands. 

One more unexpected surprise? They look just darling on either side of our ampersand pillow.

Of course Cash had to creep in while I was taking pictures and hide under Dan's nightstand. I guess I like him so I let him stay. There's even one more unexpected surprise about this whole thing: I'm starting to like our headboard a lot more. I guess maybe the darker accents are grounding the room and the headboard doesn't seem so airy and nondescript. Once we get some artwork on either side of the window, hang curtains/blinds, and properly dress the bed I think I will be sold on the headboard once again (as Dan wipes his brow in relief that I'm not pushing Buy Now on this pricey beauty). 

I'm loving how the room is coming together and it's starting to feel like the retreat it's meant to be. Especially since we'll be starting on the kitchen soon (the floors are in so that means the tile has to come out! And cabinets are probably coming down in a week or two so it's gonna be madness down there!) To keep it all in perspective, this is how the kitchen looks now:

Yikes. Who wouldn't want to retreat from that??

Have a great weekend everybody!
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