Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tile For Miles

Not exactly miles, but at least that's how it seems. We have quite a few areas in our house that are in need of tile removal: the entryway, the hallway, and the kitchen. All of these rooms (the entire first floor actually, minus the bathroom) will get new wood floors to tie all the spaces together and make it all cohesive.

 Yesterday we finished up one of those areas (the entryway) and started on another (the hallway). Here's a little entryway progression for ya:

1. Remove strange carpet scrap.

2. Begin chipping away at stubborn tile glued to backer board which is screwed into wood floors.

3. Tile and backer board is all up, just need to use a wet cloth to clean up as much debris as possible.

4. Breathe sigh of relief and move onto next room.

Our tools of choice were a hammer and a crow bar, very Kevin McAllister of us, but they worked just fine. Towards the middle of the work I added some thick work gloves because my hands were starting to hurt from holding the crow bar tightly and slamming the hammer. Yes I was sweating too. TMI?

Anyways after the entryway we moved right along to the next area- the hallway. This is half done right now so the other half should go fairly quickly.

The only issue with the hall is that they added another level of "support" underneath the tile, thus giving us three layers to dig through. The tile is on backer board, yes, but the backer board is nailed into plywood, which is then nailed into the floor. Blech. That's not gonna be fun but it'll be SO worth it once the new floors go down. Since there are three layers there is a noticeable "step" up into the hallway. It's really only about three quarters of an inch but it's gonna be awesome when the living room just flows straight into the hallway without any level changes.

 It's hard to get around to the decorative aspects of the house when there's still so much dirty work to be done but at least I have my bedroom retreat to give me a pretty outlet. Are any of you guys working on dirty but necessary projects right now? Have you ever removed tile and have any tips for us? We'd love to hear any advice you can give these two novice homeowners.
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