Monday, August 29, 2011

Yay or Neigh

While walking around downtown Somerville on Friday's Cruise Night (we go in Dan's 50 Chevy pickup), we wandered into one of our favorite antique stores Elysium Antiques on Main Street. We have only ever bought one thing there but we still love to stop in and see what they have every now and then. I had walked through just about the whole store and was ready to leave when I spotted these beauties:

Two glass horse head bookends. I've seen the use of horse heads/busts many times in home decor and I've always been drawn to that little bit of quirk it adds to a room. These guys were practically calling my name so I happily obliged. I went online to see if I could find out a little more about them when I saw these guys being sold on Etsy:

Well lookee there- the very same horse head bookends! Apparently they're all over Etsy so if you want a pair of your own, head on over and check em out. Aren't they fun? The other plus is that they are completely hollow in the center so if I ever feel so inclined I can paint them from the inside (black? white?) and not have to worry about paint chipping off the glass. In my opinion these get a neigh and a yay!
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