Friday, September 9, 2011

Make Way For Floors

Oh yeah, we got floors on the brain in a major way. Not only are we removing floors (tile, backerboard, plywood, carpet) but we are dying to install our gorgeous new floors. So last night we made huge progress in the floor removal department.

My job was to tackle the office. Not only did it have old carpet that needed to be removed (as well as the padding underneath, the carpet tacks along the wall, and all of the staples around the sides and down the middle) but the room had become the dumping grounds for things we didn't need right away. So since we needed as much clear floor space as possible when it came to floor-laying time I decided to just put everything except for the computer desk down into the basement. Please note how the light outside gets progressively darker quite quickly in these photos.

Here's what the room looked like Before...


That staircase goes down into the basement- the door was already removed before we moved in so we've just kept it off for reno purposes.

Here you can see the the office is across and down the hall from the dining room, hence the chandelier.

Grr...we still need to remove those awnings and let the light in!

I simply used a box cutter to remove the carpet in three easy pieces.

...and After!

That hallway is the one we've been working on.

Ahhh much better. All nice and empty and ready for those smokin hot floors!

Now Dan's project of the night was to make more progress in the hallway.

After I finished up in the office I went over to help him out and man do we make a good team because we conquered the beast!

Far door is office, door on right is bathroom, door on the left is living room. 
I am standing at the top of the stairs to the basement.

Standing in the office.

View from the living room.

Ahh no more step up into the hallway.


Oh and you may have noticed there were just a few casualties: the baseboards needed to be removed since the plywood was wedged (and nailed) under them.

The divider between the hall and the bathroom got the boot as well.

I guess you know you're officially a homeowner when things like removing tile and plywood make you incredibly excited/relieved/exhausted/on-the-brink-of-tears all at the same time (I'm only partially kidding about that last one-- needless to say we were beyond thrilled when that last chunk of wood came up and we were high-fiving and hugging all over that hall).

And just cuz everyone loves a good before and after:

I just can't wait til we lay the new floors and the living room, hall, and office will all flow together beautifully- mm mm mmmm. TGIF my friends, any plans for the weekend? Whatever you do, have a good one!
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