Thursday, September 8, 2011

Pillow Talk

These rainy days haven't been the best for outside house work (not that we're really interested in the exterior right about now anyways) but they're great for little projects inside. We're still chipping away at the plywood in the hallway (Dan brought home a super long pry bar last night and made a little more progress) but on Tuesday I had fun doing a little switcheroo in the bedroom.

Here's how the left side of our bedroom used to look, very shortly after I painted (oh and excuse the exposed hanging ceiling fan wires and the slight yellow tinge all these pictures have- rainy days don't lend the best light):

The fun switch came when I added the side table I refinished along with our dressers to act as a side table to the chair (bonus: it also holds my socks and other unmentionables).

The table is also the perfect place to perch our fan that we scored at a vintage store in New Hope, Pennsylvania and we use it just about every night (these past few rainy days have been much cooler at night so I haven't needed it). 

Then the just-for-fun part came: trying out a bunch of different pillow options on the chair Dan bought me for Christmas two years ago (that I would love to reupholster some day since I love the shape of it but the fabric, not so much).

Two navy (I know they look black, but they're not) and white trellis pillows from Target, 
scored on clearance.

One of my velvety rose-colored pillows (Pier 1) and our ampersand pillow 
(I stenciled onto a TJMaxx pillow) when not in use on our bed.

One rose pillow facing forward, the other facing backwards 
(a slightly metallic tan fabric on the back).

One backwards rose pillow and one trellis.

Two velvety rose pillows.
My favorite. 

I mean really- what bedroom couldn't use a few pink velvety pillows? I decided the table needed a little more interest so I popped on a cheap-o clear tray (tip: it's actually an acrylic box frame you can buy at Michael's/ACMoore) to also protect the table's surface from being scratched by the fan.

My vintage horse head also made an appearance:

And here's that side of the room in context:

Please excuse el Matador and his other framed friends from hiding out behind our dresser- things are still being shifted around a lot downstairs since there's so much to be done. But doing little projects like these make me happy and give me a little sense of completion when there's so many big projects that need to be done that will take muuuuuch longer. Slowly but surely...
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