Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wood on Wood Crime?

After mentioning that we were planning to cover the existing hardwood in our house with new wood, a couple people have asked me why we would do such a thing and cover "perfectly good" existing floors. And to that my friends I chuckle because if you only knew the whole story you would understand the method to our madness. So...here's the story.

You've already seen the mess in the living room left behind by the previous (previous-previous? I'm not sure when exactly this happened) owners. From now on let's refer to him as Patches. Patches O'Houlihan (name that movie). After we moved in and took up the living room carpet it was obvious what Patches had done.

The patch runs the whole length of the living room because there was actually a wall there at one point and what is the living room now was originally a bedroom that you accessed from the hallway (behind where the tv is here). The original floor plan our of house was two bedrooms downstairs, a small living room, and an eat-in kitchen with no dining room. So to make the space bigger and add a dining room, it lost a first floor bedroom (the other bedroom is our office/guest room).

Therefore it's unfortunately obvious that covering the floors in the living room/dining room was a must since there's no way to disguise the patch no matter how dark we stained the floors. Now moving on to the office.

When you first walk in to the office (after ignoring the grunge at the entryway left behind by the hallway tiles) you are greeted with a nice long chunk taken out of one of the boards.

Then you continue on in and you see that not only is the closet void of original wood, it has yet another fix left behind by Patches that is visible even when the closet doors are shut.

Now allow your eye to wander slightly over to the right and you'll see this little gem

Ah, yet another hole waiting to be patched.

 Yum. Nuff said (except that I clearly need to finish caulking the baseboards).

So there you have it: we're really not crazy original-wood haters. In reality we were planning to just refinish them but after moving in and seeing their true colors and the destruction left behind by Patches we have no choice but to cover them. But it's all good- our new floors are de-lightful and I can't wait until the day they take their rightful place and make Patches O'Houlihan nothing but a distant memory.
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