Friday, October 28, 2011

Bathroom Refreshments: Part 2

Back in July when we first moved in I tackled the bathroom right away and made just a couple changes to make it feel more open and fresh. After living with the purple-y blue on the walls for three months, it was time for an upgrade. I initially thought I wanted to go navy but after that turned out to be a bust I fell back on my second choice- a nice warm tan with a hint of gray that was just dark enough to contrast with the tile but would also pop against the white trim and other white accents. 

Enter Indian River by Benjamin Moore, color matched to Glidden:

Now the color in these pictures isn't 100% accurate since it was nighttime when I finished so I'll have to snap some pictures this weekend of the room with some natural light. (Oh and that little white patch next to the mirror is a spackle job waiting to dry so I can paint over it.) Bottom line is I love the color and I can't wait to add some accessories to really polish it off. It definitely feels good to be mostly done with this room since it was on a color hiatus for almost a month- yikes- sporting about four different paint choices at once. With all the other madness going on (floors, kitchen demo) it's nice to have this room in proper working order again. Tonight we will hopefully make even more progress with the floors (we've had a few leveling setbacks) and even get started a little in the kitchen.

Now for fun here's a photo timeline of how our little bathroom has progressed over the past three months:

Move-in Day

5 Days After Move-In


Have a great weekend everybody. It's the last one of the month! Craziness...
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