Wednesday, October 26, 2011


That pretty much sums up how our kitchen looks right now, as of last night to be exact. Our kitchen is currently an empty shell of insanity and is literally crying for us to make it all better (well, ya know, not literally crying but you get the picture).

Let's back up a bit. Our contractor let us know on Sunday that our cabinets are in and ready to be delivered when we are! Yay/exciting/woohoo! Except we had one small problem and that was that our kitchen was no where near cabinet-assembly but rather was in dire need of disassembly and floor installation. So I called our cabinet place and they said they could hold onto them for another week until we were ready for delivery so last night was major kitchen demo time. We saved a ton by doing the demo ourselves (and by we/our I mean Dan, a friend, and my brother). I did my wifely duty of cleaning all the dirty dishes in the sink and putting them away and then clearing the kitchen of every item that wasn't attached to something else and created a little make-shift kitchen in the dining room (or what is supposed to be the dining room):

And then we were left with a completely blank slate, ready to be ripped to shreds.

"So long gross terribly-painted cabinets and your hideous painted hardware. Bye-bye stove that tilted forward and made cooking terribly uneven. Adios off-white double sink with your off-centered faucet and perpetually-dirty facade. Farewell peeling pointy-edged laminate countertops."
None of you will be missed.

So basically when Dan got home he wasted no time and got straight to work, starting with the soffit.

And then things went downhill from there:

Insanity, right? I told you. I can't even believe the madness that existed behind those cabinets and countertops. Let's recap: 2 different colors of faux tile, 3 different patterns of wallpaper, 1 weird angled wall opening in the back left corner, and 1 mystery wire that led to nowhere (you can see it on the floor in front of the fridge). Man oh man is this kitchen a doozy. We certainly have our work cut out for us before we even think about installing new cabinets.

But isn't this all the fun part of kitchen renovation? Discovering all these little fun, albeit insane, decorating choices from years past? Here's hoping the future homeowners of our little house will thank us for righting all these wrongs and giving them a nice clean slate to build off of, if they so choose (I mean our kitchen is gonna rock-- who'd ever wanna change it??).

And now for fun I'll leave you with a couple Before and In-Progress photos, taken from the same angles:

You can check out our exact floor plan and choice of finishes here.
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