Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It Takes Two

Last night was the stuff dreams are made of. My friend came over after work and we tag-teamed the heck out of our kitchen and made some serious headway. (If you wanna catch up here's even more befores) Here's how the floors looked yesterday morning:

And here's how things looked as of last night (please excuse the horrible lighting- it was late):

A taste of what's to come on that wall.
We also realized that that fridge is way too big for that wall.

I am soooo excited that we got all that tile and backer board up as well as most of the screws (Joelle you rock!). It just feels like such a weight has been lifted. What's left to do is get back in there and take up the plywood and pray there isn't another level of, oh, say, linoleum or something that would need to be scraped off before the floors can go in. Knock on plywood...

The problem now is that the plywood needs to be taken up but it goes under the cabinets as well as the oven. This means that to take up the plywood we'll have to take the sink out as well as the stove. Therefore we won't be able to lay the new floors in the kitchen until much closer to cabinet installation time (ie: 3/4 weeks from now) and we'll have to just focus our efforts in laying the floors everywhere else (living/dining room, hallway, and office/guestroom). It's gonna be a busy month but I know it'll all be worth it.
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