Monday, October 31, 2011

More Bathroom Progress

First of all... never in my lifetime have we ever had SNOW in OCTOBER! Saturday was a mess around these parts of central Jersey and it literally snowed all day long. Luckily it was pretty wet so we didn't get too much accumulation (about 2 inches at our house) but driving in it was pretty terrible. Unfortunately I had to go out in it and run to Home Depot and Target to pick up a few things but my efforts were rewarded because I unexpectedly stumbled upon and picked up a beautiful rug for our living room (more on that later). How about you guys? Where are you from and how much did you get?

Secondly... HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I'll be back later to show you how we tricked out our front porch for the little ghouls and goblins.

Now back to our regularly scheduled posting... Since I was trapped indoors for much of Saturday I had time to work on a few more things for the bathroom. First off- we changed our shower head. We had bought the new head probably months ago but never got around to installing it. So now that my attention was in full bathroom mode we broke it out and Dan replaced the old one. It honestly took about 5 minutes total (why do we put off these easy things for so long?).

I don't have a very good picture of the old shower head but here's a cropped pic of our bathroom on closing day:

And the new shower head:

Love it. Then the next thing I did which was another really easy 5 minute fix was to add a little life to the room. Even though the bathroom is, well, utilitarian, doesn't mean it can't be lovely and treated like any other room in your house. Adding a little greenery is a great way to make the room feel fresh, literally, since plants cleans the air for you. Out in our front yard we have these low-growing plants that I always liked and they kind of look like succulents but I really have no idea what they are. But I like em. So I snipped three and placed them in my thrifted barber shop mug with a little dirt and hopefully I'll be able to  keep them alive.

Now onto Project #3 which necessitated the risking of my life to run out to Target-- adding a little art to the bathroom. Four simple matted frames and whole lotta measuring and leveling later and we have this:

How'd I do it? What will be in them? Why is there a blank space? (My Target only had three for sale when I went so I have to pick up another at a different Target) Stay tuned for all those juicy details!

I'll now leave you with a photo of our bathroom when we toured the house back in May followed by how it has shaped up as of today:

Ahh... much better.
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