Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Resounding "Ehh"

That is exactly how I felt as I started painting the bathroom this weekend. Almost right away after I started in on the trim I was having mixed feelings about the color but I trudged ahead anyways since I had seen so many other beautiful blue rooms to inspire me. So I kept going. But let me tell you, painting dark navy blue on the walls and trying to not get it on the bright white trim is nearly impossible to do. Then I looked around at all the trim work I would have to do (the base trim, door trim, and crown moulding), that I would have to carefully and slowly cut in around and my heart sank. Not only did I not want to mess it up, I wasn't in love with how it was looking so far.

I think my real hang up, and the difference between our bathroom and my inspiration photo, is that our tiles are tan and our trim is bright white. So with the navy against the bright white trim, the tiles look dirty and the trim glows and the contrast is just too much. But still I trudged ahead because heck the paint only cost me $7 and I had convinced myself that's what I wanted in there.

Please excuse the gross vent- that's why there are covers

But after waiting a while and going in and out of the room a few times and already feeling like it was closing in with only a couple walls half-painted I ultimately decided to nix the navy and instead keep things light. I'm not sure exactly what direction I want to go in now but I'll definitely keep ya posted. I guess after picking the perfect colors for our bedroom, office, and living/dining room I'm allowed one paint Fail. And this was it.
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