Tuesday, October 18, 2011

We're Floored

After weeks and weeks of hoping and planning and dreaming about our new floors, they're finally down-- in the living room and dining room at least. Dan worked real hard to get all the prep-work completed and then we worked together along with a friend to finish laying every last board. And man do we love it.

Here are some shots of the room before (and yes that is graffiti from when our family members signed our floors):

And the During...

We chose to go with the floating method of laying the floors (ie: no glueing or nailing down the floors) and they really seem to be gripping onto one another and feel very solid underfoot. The red stuff is our underlayment that we rolled out and stapled down before laying the floors. We chose to go with Roberts Airguard Premium 3-in-1 Underlayment from Home Depot because it offers moisture barrier and sound reduction as well as cushioning. It is also the only underlayment manufactured with both Microban and Air Flow Technology to inhibit mold growth and other stain causing bacteria and odor. Yummy.

Here are the boys working hard:

And finally, here's how the room looked as of last night, 9:30:

To say we love them is simply an understatement. I just can't get over how much bigger they make the rooms feel and they instantly brought the house from 1950 into 2011. And they were honestly pretty easy for novice homeowners like us to tackle while still yielding beautiful results. Right now we're still prepping the kitchen and hallway as I type (we have a few leveling issues to work out) and hopefully we'll get a lot done tomorrow and be finished by the weekend! Fingers crossed...
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