Wednesday, November 9, 2011

(Sheet)Rocking and Rolling

It's official: our kitchen is now entirely wired, insulated, and self-contained. Oh happy day, we don't have to stare at the studs anymore (I mean I have to every day but I'm not complaining about him) but rather we are on our way to having a beautifully painted room ready for floors, then cabinets, and then finally the countertops. Here's how the room looked as of last night:

You'll see two things in this shot: we are wired and ready to hang a pendant light in front of the window and over the sink (more on that later) and also we sheet-rocked the ceiling. The truth is that our ceiling wasn't torn out or really in that bad of shape to begin with. This decision was purely style-driven and the sheet rock's only function was to cover up the 50's-style swirled plaster ceiling, like this:

So if you have this swirled plaster in your house (I'm not hating on you- we have it in every other room but since we were sheetrocking the kitchen anyways we decided to go ahead and continue it onto the ceiling as well) it's an easy fix with some really thin sheet rock. There's my little tid-bit for ya.

Now onto the next decision- what do do about lighting? Both the ceiling and the area over the sink are in need of upgrades so here are some of my top contenders:

The third option makes the most sense since I'm pretty fond of this little beauty for the ceiling:

Although I'm thinking I will try my hand at DIYing my own version like this one before I drop a pretty penny on the real thing. By no means have any decisions really been made so we'll see where we end up on all that.

And now for fun, a little trip down memory lane:

Kitchen with our contractor on inspection day

Our weird little pass-through opening in the back. We've decided to keep it and we're gonna make it work.

Kitchen just about a month ago

Kitchen a couple weeks ago.

And finally kitchen NOW!

I'll leave you now with just one more picture I found recently that has given me a lot of inspiration:

Happy Wednesday guys.

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