Friday, November 4, 2011

Some More Words About Kitchens

I've mentioned before how much I love a good white kitchen and this still rings true today. Every time I stumble upon a beautifully done white kitchen I get giddy with anticipation at what our kitchen will look like in just a few short weeks; a month tops. We are officially at then end of our kitchen tear-down phase and today starts the rebuilding process as well as our cabinet delivery!

I went yesterday to pay off the balance of our cabinet and countertop bill and made just one more tweak to our plans. See when we were presented our granite options (on sale for $39 with the purchase of our cabinets) it was a limited selection due to the fact that they were on sale so we didn't have a huge range of colors to choose from, let alone light colors. When I first when to pick out the granite it appeared as if there were only three choices to even consider that were light enough to go with our white cabinets.

The first was too dark and too blue and the second was a little dalmation-esque for my tastes so I went with option three, Giallo Fantasia because it was the best out of the choices I had. My heart was 100% into it but I knew it would look great with all of the other elements in place so I was happy with it. But when I went to pay the tab yesterday, I had a feeling that I should go and check out the sale granite one more time and see if maybe they added a selection and I should weigh all my options before committing. And there it was.

Santa Cecilia Light. Perfection.
Here's how it'll look up against white cabinetry (photo found here):

It's perfect. I'm so glad I thought to wander over because now we'll have exactly what we I was going for in the overall scheme of the kitchen. Don't worry, I definitely let Dan in on the whole switcharoo and texted him a picture of the new choice and asked him what he thought. He loved it too, especially the fact that it was the same price as the other, and the choice was set in stone. Now I am about 150% excited to see the whole thing come together and it's only a matter of time before all this is behind us and we can actually cook again and just enjoy our new kitchen.

In the meantime, however, I will simply satiate myself by looking at other people's white kitchens 
and take in all the gorgeous eye candy. I hope you do as well.

This week I stumbled upon the kitchen of my dreams Emily and Todd, Jenny's college friends from Little Green Notebook. The kitchen took on quite the transformation into the beautiful space it is today:



They removed the white tile, very similar to what we had going on 
in our kitchen before we decided to lay wood:

and After:

I love these metal bins to collect all the junk that normally piles on the counter

Just beautiful. Have a lovely weekend everybody! I'm off to Maryland to visit friends and when I come back we will have a sheetrocked kitchen- woot.
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