Thursday, December 1, 2011

Counters: Check

After waiting over two weeks for the missing piece to our kitchen cabinets, they're finally here. And they're gorgeous. And it's late now and I have to get up early (for something very exciting! I'll let you know why very soon) so for now you will have to make due with these poorly lit gratuitous shots of the new kitchen bling. Enjoy:

Our awesome extra wide, extra deep sink

Holes drilled and ready for faucet

One day we'll replace the fridge with something that fits the space better

 The pass-through which needs to be painted and trimmed and which will have a matching granite ledge

We're getting there bit by bit but all the finishing touches need to be put in place before I can do a proper final reveal with proper daytime lighting. But for now, we are thrilled beyond belief and can't wait to add the hardware, frame out the window, and finish up every other little detail. 
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