Thursday, March 31, 2011

You've Got Mail

Indeed I got mail today, a whole slew of very exciting things awaited me when I came home for my lunch break. First off, one of my Dolce chairs arrived, right on schedule with the first estimated delivery date- gotta love Target.

Unfortunately the chairs were being shipped separately so I don't know when to expect the next one but hopefully it won't be in the too distant future.

Next up was this:

One of my final issues of Entertainment (since I recently cancelled the subscription),

the new Dwell Studio catalogue (very exciting), and

yup I got it, the Domino Book of Decorating. I'd seen snippets of the beauty held between those pages and I had to have it for myself. Especially after the magazine went out of production, I wanted something to remember it by. I can't wait for a quiet evening where I can sit down with that bad boy, to read and admire it very slowly.

Sometimes People Are Awesome

Monday night, during my usual daily hunt for a brass coffee table, I came across a table of a different kind.

Sorry about the quality, that was the original list photo from good ol' Craig. The shape was interesting and the overlapping squares felt so West Elm, and best of all it was only ten bucks. The next day I shot the guy a text and it was still available so we picked it up after work Tuesday night. So why are people awesome sometimes? Well for our "trouble" of driving out to pick it up, the guy gave it to me for FREE! It's like he didn't know how Craigslist works or something. So with a sweet little table in my trunk and ten bucks in my pocket I was a happy lady driving home that night.

And here he is living it up in our living room. Love it!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Window Shopping: Target

I don't go to Target as much as I should/want to, due to the fact that Walmart is much closer and Target is out of the way of my usual commute. Nevertheless I love Target, Tarjay, and am always impressed by the style and affordability of their products. Here's what I loved while doing a little window shopping this weekend:

Especially loved these outdoor lanterns

These melamine dishes were so summery and fun

Love these side tables- the top tray is removable

Anyone been to Tarjay recently and find some fun stuff? You can check out my most recent Target purchase here.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Our living room isn't lacking in the seating department. We have a couch, two wingback chairs, a little lounge chair I picked up during our NYC-living days, and even two storage ottomans for extra seating in a pinch:

I had always had other plans for the wingback chairs, plans which may come to fruition in the not so distant future. And the lounge chair was a cheap-o Craigslist find that was always more suited to a den or game room than our actual living room. So of course my mind would wander as I viewed other beautiful homes and always was drawn to one chair specifically- the Dolce lounge chair from Target. I would see it pop up all over the place:

And then just this past weekend it popped up again:

Yup, Will's sitting on the very same Target Dolce lounge chair. Of course he's adorable, but I was more interested in being able to see all the wonderful detailing in the chair's fabric. It's almost like a herringbone pattern- sweet.

I even mentioned the chair here as a more affordable version of this $399 Company Store slipper chair:

I read the reviews (both positive and negative) on the Target website and even went as far as to contact some of my fellow bloggers to hear what they had to say about their Dolce slipper chairs. And the results were nothing short of fabulous. So when I meandered over to Target's website the other day and saw they were on sale with free shipping I figured this was my chance.

The original list price per chair is $159.99 and they were on sale for $111.99. After their free shipping promotion and a $5 off code I got after a little Googling (hey, every penny counts!) I saved a total of $152.98. That comes out to about $117 each, a steal for such a timeless and chic piece. I had been wanting these chairs for a while so it was by no means an impulse buy and I couldn't be more happy to score them at such a discounted price- my patience paid off big time.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Free Valspar Paint

Valspar is running a promotion right now where you can receive a free sample of paint along with a little painting kit and a $5 off a gallon coupon. The promotion is spanning 100 days, although I'm not sure what day it's on right now, so hurry up and get yours. The limit is one per household and there are limited supplies each day. I tried to get mine Friday night and they said the giveaway was closed and to try again the next day. So Saturday morning I jumped on and ordered not one but three samples (had one sent to my Mom's and one to my sister's, shhh...).

The site gave you this cool tool to narrow down your search by color family and then you pick specifically from there.

Pick #1: Nautical Navy (no surprise there if you know how much I love navy)

Pick #2: New Black
I was inspired to get this color after seeing it used in this room:

Pick #3: Vivid Orange
I was looking for a persimmon color and this seemed to be the closest match

I don't necessarily have any plans in mind for these colors but they will most likely be used to freshen up some decor, whether it be a picture frame, lamp, chair... only time will tell. My friend actually told me about this deal because she got a kit of her own that she showed me Friday night. The kit comes with a 7.7 oz sample, a roller with an extra brush, a paint tray, and a few more color chips including the sample you received:

The best part is that it is 100% FREE. No shipping, handling, or hidden charges. So go get one (or three) of your own today.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


That's right friends, the blog has gone legit. Like it says, you can still access the site at the address but in three days time you will be automatically redirected to the new .com. Feel free to update your Bookmarks, your Favorites page, and your RSS feeders to reflect these changes (hah, as if any of you have those...) See ya on the other side!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Cutting Back

We've been thinking a lot about our finances recently and ways to save a little here and there. Like scoring great deals on thrift store decor (and even clothes). And getting $5 pizza specials on Wednesday nights. And learning how to hone my coupon-ing skills through sites like A Penny Saved and The Frugalista Find.  My most recent attempt to cut down our monthly bills included some re-evaluation of a few things.

I cancelled our Entertainment Weekly subscription that I was duped into at an FYE last year (truthfully it was the first and last time I've even been to an FYE and I don't even read the magazine, I just flip right to the back to read the albeit hilarious bulls-eye page). So I won't miss it.

I cancelled my gym membership. I used to go a lot more often but in recent months I just haven't found the time (or cared to) and decided the $40 a month was better saved or spent on more important things. I still have my ipod so when the mood strikes I will definitely run outside like I used to. I would love to someday invest in a treadmill (or find one on Craigslist) and run at home but for now the great outdoors will be my go-to gym.

I cancelled my skincare subscription. Now this one I surely won't miss because I didn't feel I was getting any results for the money. Plus I wasn't using it fast enough so I have quite a few bottles stored away for future months. When those run out I will just have to try something different.

So what have you guys done to pinch a few pennies here and there? I'd love to hear some good money-saving tips or recent deals.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

It's The Small Things

Sometimes it truly is the small things in life that are so very special. Like a warm sunny Spring day after a freak hail/snow storm in late March (like we experienced earlier this week). Or a smile from a baby when you walk in the room. Or a little retail therapy. Here are my most recently acquired small things, care of my birthday gift card:

A small piece of coral to Summer-ize my Landing 

And two new small food bowls for Penny and Cash:

I decided to turn my other thrift store tray into a new food station for the kitties. If you don't remember it looked like this:

So I removed the "decorative" wrapping from the handles:

After giving it a coat of white spray paint, I Mod-Podged a $1 outdoor placemat onto it that I bought months ago. Tada:

They seem to like it. 
(I made sure to let it all air out for a while before putting the food on)

And in non-birthday-related purchases, I just couldn't resist these small guys either:

The new 7.5 oz cans really are the perfect amount and seriously they are so darn cute. Why are girls just drawn to small cute things? Pretty much anything miniature is adorable. Like Marcel. Enjoy:

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Perfect Pantries

I love to see good organization. I love even more to see beautiful organization. When those two come together? It looks a little like this:

Emersonmade, via

Lonny, via

Clever carousels, via

No pantry? No worries, via

Great use of Amy Butler fabric, via

Can't wait to someday have a dedicated and beautiful pantry to call my own. Right now we don't really store that much food, more than a few cabinets-worth. But I know when we start having kids, the extra food storage will come in handy. Our current walk-in closet/pantry is mostly used for other storage (paint, seasonal decor, crafting supplies, games, etc...) but could definitely be turned into one of these gorgeous pantries if need be. If you wanna see some of my recent cabinet cleaning, click here. Anyone have an enviable pantry you wanna share? Anyone want to tackle their own pantries and report back? I'd love to see it!
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