Monday, June 27, 2011

Herringbone Hotness

Hey guys, hope you all had a fantastic weekend. Here we are at Monday once more but I know this week is just gonna fly and then it'll be July (hah). This weekend I'm really looking forward to our annual Fourth of July picnic-- always a good time. What are your plans for the 4th (or 2nd or 3rd)?

Anyways, lately I've been really into herringbone and I've been seeing it pop up all over. What I really want at our new house (keep the prayers coming- closing day will "Lord willing" be Thursday- ahh!) is a brick herringbone patio off the back deck. Something along the lines of this:

Bricks seem to be the cheapest option we can get our DIY-hands on and I feel this pattern is pretty do-able for novice homeowners like us. We'll be sure to keep you posted if and when we tackle this, of course. Currently there is quite a growing list of must-haves (and really-wants) for the new casa so this project is gonna hang out on the short list for now.

But let's get to it: here's some other herringbone goodness I've been oogling over on Pinterest:

Happy Monday!

Friday, June 24, 2011

I'm Lovin' It

Man, is it Friday already? This week just flew by since we were busy with things just about every night and the weekend will be more of the same. At least I'll get just a little extra shut eye Saturday morning. This week has also been full of such inspiring images and makeovers so let's get to it. Here's what I'm Lovin' this week:

  • Juju hats. I know they've been around much longer than I've been blogging but I still love them and that bit of fun and interest they add to a room.

I'm thinking my future pink office needs this

  • This infant Halloween costume. Seriously--is it October yet?? Oh yeah, and I guess I'll be needing one of those as well...

Happy weekend everyone!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Come And Knock On My Door

Because now you'll know which one is ours! Thanks to Kerry from First Time Fancy I won her Ramsign giveaway (remember I mentioned it here) of a customized porcelain house sign. I went through the website last night with Dan and we picked out the one we liked the best. Here's what we chose:

But of course it will have our info on it. We just can't wait until we get those keys in our hands and officially open the door as the new owners! We are really trying to close by the 30th so please keep us in your prayers that all will go through as planned and on time. Muchas gracias.

The house is currently boasting a classic black and white style- white house, black shutters, white door. We would love to one day maybe tackle painting the exterior of the house a nice tan or gray but for now we will be embracing the classic color scheme and plan to paint the door black. A black door will be the perfect contrast for our new black and white sign. Our mailbox is also located on the front of the house to the right of the front door so in keeping with the classic style I want to paint it a nice bright red for a fun pop of color. Here are some black doors that are inspiring me now:

How perfect will it be for Fall decor? Ooh, I can't wait.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Room With a View...And a Seat

In our "it's killing me slowly that it's almost ours but not 100% ours yet" house the living room and dining room are open to one another and are longer than they are wide. At the far wall in each of the rooms is a window, very symmetrical since it's a cape cod and that's how the houses are made with pretty standard layouts. Since the living room is long, I'd love to take advantage of the far window wall and (one day in the hopefully not-too-distant future) surround the window with built-ins and add a bench seat to create a nice cozy nook. This can be done most frugally by flanking the window with two bookcases and either building a bench under the window or simply placing an Expedit bookcase long-ways between the bookcases under the window for additional storage. Add a couple curtains and maybe two swing-arm sconces and we're in business. Here's what I'm envisioning:

Have you ever created a window seat/nook like this? Or maybe you're lucky enough to live in a charming old house with real built-ins? I hope you all had a nice Father's Day!

All images via Pinterest

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Zebras and Arrows

An unlikely combination, perhaps (unless you're hunting some serious game. In which case, I don't know why you're reading this). But when this print kept popping up every now and then on various blogs and on Pinterest it continually caught my eye so of course I had to investigate. Here's where it all began:

This awesome bar area, decked out in a classic black, white, and coral theme, all with a twist- 
the zebras and arrows are such an unexpected and fun element.

Upon further digging, I discovered that this fabric is made by ScalamandrĂ© and is called (what else) Zebras. "ScalamandrĂ©, an immigrant from Italy, founded the ScalamandrĂ© firm in New York. Today it is renowned for its fine, historically inspired silks, wools, linens and cottons, wallcoverings and elaborate trims. For more than 75 years the company has supplied luxurious work to interior designers and important public institutions such as the White House, Mount Vernon and Colonial Williamsburg." via

Impressive, no? And with that comes the pricetag- $111.99 a roll. Ouch.

I have to say it is beautiful though and makes such a statement in a room (and apparently Kate Spade thinks so too). Here are a few more of my favorites:

Kate Spade dressing room

Kate Spade's guest bath.

Anyone else on the Zebra bandwagon with me? Or maybe you think it's a little over-the-top? I'm thinking it would be super gorgeous in a dressing room, if one were to have such a room... A girl can dream. 

Pricing information found here

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Style Crush: Tommy Smythe

I had never heard of Tommy Smythe until I started following Sarah Richardson (possibly my favorite designer) and since then I have fallen in love with her side-kick's design style-- masculine, yet very livable and inviting. Here are quite a few glimpses into two of his homes, enjoy:

AT titled Tommy the "Master of Vignettes" and I have to agree whole-heartedly. This guy truly knows how to make any usable space into something you want to look at. I also love how you can look back between the two homes and spot a lot of the same furniture pieces. This is very encouraging to anyone who wants a new look but cannot afford all new furniture. These two homes are very different and yet very similar due to the use of like pieces. And those matte black walls? Incredible.

So tell me-- who's your favorite designer? 

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