Monday, January 16, 2012

Coat Closet: Phase Two

This past weekend I got to work on phase two of our tool-closet turned coat-closet makeover. This step involved lots of clearing out, moving unnecessary items to the basement, and paring down to the necessities. Only items that we use frequently were allowed to take up our valuable closet real estate. You can check out Phase One of the makeover here.

At Home Depot I picked up a set of brushed nickel closet pole sockets and Dan helped me get them up onto the walls. Basically we measured first from the floor all the way up to where we wanted the pole to hang and marked it on both walls. Then we measured across the closet walls (right and left) to the halfway point and marked that depth at the same point as the height mark. We had to use drywall anchors because there were no studs so after everything was in place we popped on our closet rod. I'm not sure if I'm going to paint the rod either because I don't want the paint to get all scratched from pulling hangers on and off and being slid all around. Since the bare wood kind of matches with the support beams across the back, for now it stays au naturale. (Note: The support beams across the back hold the vertical brackets. The previous owners used this as a pantry so there were shelves at each level)

All ready for stuff

Some $5 wooden hangers fit the bill

Board games and paint get to stay

I wanted to make sure the floors would be protected from things being brought in and out so I laid down our old bath mat and it fit perfectly, like it was meant to be there. Even though it's just temporary.


All our tools that used to be in the closet got pared down to the necessities and put into our "new" vintage box. Everything else went down to the basement.

Above the tool box I was able to hang our floor mop...

...which is thankfully hidden from view by our coats.

And here's how things are looking now with our vacuum tucked away nicely on the side. Yay for progress. I think all we need now is a door and we'll be rocking and rolling and hanging our guests coats in style!

P.S. Please excuse the poor lighting. The area around the closet has no overhead lighting so my only option was to bring in the floor lamp. Adding in some overhead lighting is definitely on the list of things we'd like to do...some day.

Updated picture during the day:

(Our kitchen gets crazy amounts of morning light, hence the glare)
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