Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dressing the Living Room Windows

This post begins with a story. The story of a girl who missed out on a great opportunity only to discover an even better one. See about two weeks ago I got an email from West Elm in the morning that they were running a sale on window treatments and I've been itching to put something on our living and dining room windows for a while now. These solid 84" panels from WE went on sale from $29 to $17 and I got very excited to spend a little Christmas money on something I really wanted but we also needed.

At $17 it was a good deal but would still wind up costing us about $136 for eight panels (four windows, two panels each) but it was a deal I didn't want to miss so I checked back later that afternoon to place my order for eight "Utility Blue" panels. But wouldn't you know, they either don't carry that color in 84" lengths or from 9AM to 2PM they sold out. Boo.

Fast forward a couple days and while perusing one of my favorite thrift stores (Unique in Watchung) and wandering over into the curtain/sheet/blanket section I saw them. Two flat sheets in a beautiful light blue/gray color for $3 each. Into my cart and onto our windows they went. Call me crazy for putting sheets on our windows but $6 for four panels was pretty appealing to me at the moment. And now that they're up, I have no doubt this was the better choice.

Anyways, I gotta back up a little and explain. First off I measured and cut each sheet in half so I could get two panels out of one sheet. 

(The shoes were used to weight down the one side while I pulled the other side to get it as straight as possible before cutting)

The I used a little bit of this HeatnBond in the Ultrahold version

to "sew" my raw edges so they're beautiful, straight and smooth. 

This was my first time ever using HeatnBond and I must say it was pretty darn easy. Basically you do everything with your fabric upside down:

  • lay out the strips in sections
  • heat one side
  • peel off the paper
  • fold the fabric over
  • heat again

And voila! Instant curtains since the other edges were already finished. After installing two curtain rods we already owned and buying three packs of curtain clips (they come in packs of seven, I don't who decided that one but it's such a random amount) we were all set.

And here they are now:

I chose blue because it picks up on the lovely blue in our rug.

Pretty soon I wanna switch out the red pillows with something a little fresher (blue/green?) and get a proper floor lamp in the corner. The one there is just a table lamp we had on hand and since the room needed more layers of light I plopped it there temporarily. Also my patterned wingback chair I love is not exactly meshing well with the patterned rug but for now it stays and adds some much-needed seating. And then there's the ceiling fan...sigh. Not sure what I'm gonna do with that one.

The lamp and the box are recent acquisitions from our friend's basement and when his parents almost threw them out he save them for us. It's love. We don't know if this is the right spot for them but it works for now.

My recent roadside score turned TV console.

I love how this room is evolving slowly into a room we love to use and although I still have a lot more in mind, it's a very welcome change from our "Clash of the Furniture" days:

and now:

PS: I updated our Tour page to reflect these changes.
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